hello beautiful woman,

welcome to my online home, it's so great to have you here with me!

i am a feminine embodiment coach in training, sacred circle facilitator and yoga teacher on a mission to empower women to live the life they truly desire.

known for my down to earth approach and authentic sharings, i guide women out of their head, and back into their body and heart.

i deeply believe that everything we need in life is within. a former party girl, espresso martini addict and corporate 9-5 hustler, i know what it's like to constantly seek external validation and that all to familiar feeling of constant dread that makes you think you're never going to get to where your heart really wants you to go. i felt like i was in a never ending rut and had started to accept that perhaps this was just the way life goes. i eventually got sick of my own bullshit (pardon my french) and sought out help in the form of a life coach, in the last three years my life has drastically changed for the better and i truly feel i'm becoming the woman i always wanted to be.

i provide women with the tools and practices they need, so they can get out of their own way and feel both aligned and empowered with every decision they choose to make in their lives.

when i'm not doing my souls "work" you'll find me by the beach, nestled in a book, laughing at my own jokes, playing with essential oils, journalling, pulling oracle cards, adding avocado to everything i eat, listening to juicey podcasts, blissed out on my yoga mat, burning palo santo, going for long walks in mumma nature and watching friends re-runs.