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Saturday, May 26th
Twine Yoga Studio, Adamstown
6:30pm – 9:30pm
$60 + booking fee



There’s an unexplained magic that happens when women gather together.
There is an untold power that can be felt when we are able to see each other for who we truly are. No need to impress others, or be anyone else but yourself.

Do you desire to feel empowered by the decisions you make?
Do you desire to feel more grounded and safe in your body?
Do you desire a deeper connection to other likeminded women?
Do you desire to welcome all parts of yourself with love?
Do you desire to feel like a powerful woman?

You are invited to experience an evening of sisterhood as you explore the textures of your own power within and liberate anything that may be holding you back.
Circle is a potent experience, where we as women have the opportunity to create space in our life to explore deep within and nourish your soul.

During circle you will have the opportunity to feel into what is holding you back and how to embody your feminine power.


Saturday, May 26th
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Twine Yoga Studio, Adamstown

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Immerse yourself in sacred circle practices inclusive of:

♢ space to get honest with yourself and what it is you truly desire
♢ accessing your divine femineity
♢ soulful chats (no fluff)
♢ journaling
♢ reclaiming your sense of safety and ease
♢ energetically aligning to an empowered way of living
♢ breath and meditation
♢ exploring your intuition & creativity
♢ deep connection with other likeminded powerful women
♢ fun with crystals and oracle cards
♢ and of course chocolate!

My intention is that you leave circle reunited with the powerful woman that is always within.

“Emanating from the embrace
Of the Goddess and her God
Is a wheel of delicious divine energies.

The center of this wheel
Is right where you are.
Live here, and let your heart stream
With an unending flow of adoration
In this way, tend the altar of love.”
- The Radiance Sutras

I cannot wait to meet you, powerful woman!


Sarah Williams is a Feminine Embodiment Coach in training, Womens circle facilitator and Yoga Teacher on a mission to empower women to live the life they truly desire. Known for her down to earth approach and authentic musings, Sarah inspires women to get out of their head and back into the wisdom of their body.